Skeletal Sigil - Long Sleeve

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Made from 100% premium cotton, this tee is soft, durable, and perfect for making a statement. Our dark, detailed, and eye-catching designs, often featuring provocative and controversial themes, are printed using Direct-to-Garment (D.T.G) technology. This advanced printing method ensures that the ink is applied directly to the fabric, resulting in high-quality, long-lasting designs that transform your shirt into a true work of art. 

  • Material: 100% Premium Cotton
  • Design: Brand Unique, detailed, and eye-catching with provocative themes
  • Printing Method: Direct-to-Garment (D.T.G) for high-quality, durable designs
  • Comfort: Soft and perfect for all-day wear

Make a bold statement and embrace the unique style of Forbidden Alchemy with this long sleeve tee.