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How does it work?


Earn commissions by joining the Forbidden Alchemy Affiliate Program! When you direct a visitor from your site to and they make a purchase, you score cash. we will generate a personalized discount code(made just for your customers) that the customer applies for a discount at the time of their check out process. So as long as they apply your code they get a discount on their purchase and you make either an in-store credit allowance amount or even better a cash commission which is paid monthly , you can join the Forbidden Alchemy Affiliate Program and start making money from home!

  • Why join? It's free! There are no start-up or maintenance fees, so there's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.
  • It's easy! Email so we can generate a personalized discount code for you, advertise in all your social media platforms. You earn a percentage of all sales originating from your unique discount code, including your personal Forbidden Alchemy purchases! The more your visitors buy, the more cash you'll earn!!
  • No more bosses! Be your own boss!!! Forbidden Alchemy provides a customized product feed tailored to your needs! if you have new an initiative ideas on how we can help you become more successful in your marketing, let us know! We will work with any marketing ideas you may.
Q: What is the Forbidden Alchemy Affiliate Program?

A: The Forbidden Alchemy Affiliate Program is an online revenue-sharing program that gives you the tools to earn commission by simply providing your viewers an addition percentage of their complete purchase via your personalized code. We'll provide your personalized code you can advertise in your social media accounts. It takes seconds to generate a new discount code, even for newbies. Forbidden Alchemy takes care of fulfilling all the orders, processing payment, and fielding customer service issues. You make a percentage of all the sales that originate from your code, we send our weekly performance emails to our affiliate team. So you can track how well you're doing.

Q: Sign me up! How do I apply?

A: Simple! Just email us @

Q: How often will I receive payments?

A: Forbidden Alchemy Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis once with no minimum threshold .

Q: Can anyone be an Affiliate?

A: Forbidden Alchemy Inc. wants to partner with any Individual that is motivated in making extra cash. However, we reserve the right to deny participation to sites for reasons such as fraud, and hate crimes. You will be representing our brand and we believe in gender and racial equality for everyone. Us in the black metal community are very united and we are family , no mater their gender or race. Please bear in mind, you must be 18 years of age or older to partner with the Forbidden Alchemy Affiliate Program. so what are you waiting for and start making some money !!!


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